How to Style your Scarves for Every Ocassion!

OK, my closeted party animal friend. It’s time for the big reveal. Time to come out and declare that your closet is full of sartorial surprises. Huggers and haters, brace for impact - fashionista incoming! 

There’s a clothing accessory for every fashion trend, for every occasion and for every individual. Fear not, radical makeover or not, fashion forward or retro chic, you’ll make heads turn if you make the right choices. 

Let’s start with your ubiquitous scarf. The miniature neck covering is a multi-purpose fashion firearm that can also be worn as a wrist band, adorn your jute tote or laptop bag to be unleashed, per convenience. Light and breezy as your disposition, this scarf can be seamlessly integrated with your sizzling look, celestial skin tone and tone & texture of your outfit. See some intensely passionate creations here

Moving on to your signature style statement, the stole - the one piece that will always be in the eye of the storm. No small arms fire here, it’s time to unleash the big guns. Your color-coordinated crystal studded scarves is a headliner that makes the press stop and notice. It serves the dual purpose of keeping you warm and making your adversaries go stone cold - freeze frame, please. 

Should you wish to go for jugular, you can exude a calming sense of individuality by premiering your artisan created, hand painted, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-replicated-via-mass-production bandana. Trendy meets arty vibe deserves nothing but a slow clap. You’ll never be the same again - no anxiety in high society and no fashion novice in office. 

There you go, a simple accessory tweak can transform you from Plain Jane to Wonder Woman. What are you waiting for? Wear your scarf, stole or cape and save yourself from getting lost in fashion anonymity