Top 3 Reasons Why Tribal Art is a Keeper!

Don’t we all long for our fast-paced everyday life to slow down a bit? The insanity of the ubiquitous rat race, the unrelenting peer pressure, the vacuous conversations and the dead end streets of monotony are all a grim reality of our daily routine.

Art, in its pristine form, has the power to stop time and take you back to a world when life was simple and each stroke of the brush had a meaning.

The art may be antique but the symbolisms are contemporary. Let’s look at reasons why you should own a piece of tribal art in your home or office.


1. In a world rife with chaos and negativity, you should own artworks that signify feel-good emotions.

The motifs depict storylines that have a message. Subliminally, your disposition will be positive when you are surrounded by imprints of love, valour, devotion, fertility, longevity, peace, knowledge, spirituality, prosperity and harmony with nature. You’ll feel a surge of fresh optimism.

    2. In a world of narcissism, anonymity is golden.

    Don’t you notice the ostentatious attempts when everyone tries so hard to come across as the top dog? The disproportional and indiscriminate display of arrogance is abhorrent. In stark contrast, you would appreciate an anonymous artist who creates an aesthetic masterpiece without any drum roll. Owning a piece of substance is a lot deeper than feeding a shallow ego.

    3. Go back to your roots, go green - it’s meaningful and trendy - literally!

    Ancient artists did not have technology as the backbone of their skill. They relied on human hooks and the antiquity of nature. Some antique art forms are still practiced today. They are eco-friendly and sustainable as they use natural extracts from plants as colours and utilize fingers, twigs and match sticks to paint murals. How cool is that?


      It’s never too late to venture into the wonderful world of meaningful motifs and resplendent, earthy colours that can bring peace, tranquility and positivity to your manic workdays. Feel good wherever you are - the anonymous artist wouldn’t want it any other way.