About Us

The Nirvana Project is a POC–owned family business based in Waterloo, Canada with a passion to empower marginalized women artists, creators and artisans of India and present their unique creations to you.

Our story began on a balmy sun kissed day in June 2018 at a family get-together in the GTA. On a trip to admit his daughter Kartiki, to the University of Waterloo, Gaurav felt that their skilful artisan community back home creates beautiful hand-crafted products that deserve to be presented to the world. They felt that their talent needs to be recognized and understood. This is when the Nirvana Project was born.

Kartiki at Kitchener Farmer's Market


We teamed up with various local Indian communities to showcase their artisanal skills, whether it is the stroke of a Mithila painting, or the product design of the jute laptop bag or the floral montage in our silk scarves. We carefully selected these handicrafts that you would love to not only own, but gift to your loved ones. Through ethical sourcing and a benign footprint, we strive to sell these products that forge an indestructible, emotional bond between you and the artisan community. The collections we bring to you have been carefully curated to instill pride in ownership of an exclusive, uniquely created product and celebrate the passion of our dedicated artisans.


The Sage collection is exclusively designed items made from Jute, also known as the Golden Fibre. Jute is a strong and sturdy fibre that is able to withstand a lot of heavy handling as compared to burlap. The Nirvana Project wants to bring you jute products that can be of everyday use — from a reusable shopping bag to a chic laptop bag — or use the jute bags as gifting sets for your loved ones, shifting away from conventional wrapping paper that is usually thrown in the garbage. The resultant products are not only skillfully handcrafted & ethically sourced, but also have low carbon & water footprint and are 100% biodegradable & compostable.

Reusable Tote Bags


silk scarfs

The Unison collection includes exclusive one–of–a–kind products that are created with 100% Pure Silk from rural India. Pure silk is considered hypoallergenic, gentler on the skin, and silk worn on your head keeps your hair soft and moisturized. Our designs are a reflection of our ethnic culture and community. Every scarf and bandana that you see in our Unison collection is carefully handpicked to ensure that each piece will accentuate your loved wardrobe outfits. Our lightweight scarves and bandanas can be seamlessly integrated with a look that sits pretty with the fabric, colors and textures of your outfit. Our crystal-studded wraps can keep you warm & add an element of versatility to your wardrobes. You would love to be the proud owners of this one-of-kind fashion accessory.


Embellish your home or office with our authentic Tribal collection that features handmade Mithila paintings, an ancient art that promotes extracts from plants and other natural sources as colors, and the use of fingers, twigs and match sticks to paint murals, giving the finished product a unique tinge of antiquity. Every piece is is ethically sourced from a local village in Bihar, India, created by our woman artisan community. This particular women community apply their artistic technique that has been passed down several generations and use natural paints, colours and canvases. Every painting is adorned a meaningful motif, such as a peacock, a fish or tree, all of which have a history attached to them. We strongly believe that what we pay forward in the present will pay us back handsomely in the future and hence a certain percentage of our sales is donated to the artist of the painting that you purchase. With every painting being exclusively distinctive, your painting is going to be truly yours.

wall decor