The Nirvana Project is a collaborative journey with our customers who, like us, stand for something rather than just standing by.

The lofty ideals of inclusivity and equitable playing field motivate us to empower marginalized, anonymous women artists. 

Our endless quest is to explore fresh possibilities around sustainable products, inspired by Mother Nature, which are ethically sourced and have a benign social and environmental impact. 

We strive to sell products that mirror your unblemished environmental sensibilities. Together, we gain good karma through a resonant brand, benign footprint and lifelong relationships.

We are ideologically driven to forge an indestructible, emotional connect with our strong-willed artisan community in a way that takes our association beyond a fleeting moment and into the realms of a relentless movement. We win only if they win. 

We strongly believe that what we pay forward in the present will pay us back handsomely in the future. We generously donate a part of our net profits to the exceptionally gifted artisans who mint our beautifully crafted products.  

We want you to be proud owners of spiritually centered and fittingly noble products that are created by intensely passionate artists. Let us connect with the Universe in a truly epic way. 

~love and peace~