Antique Artwork. Contemporary Symbolism. 

Own an aesthetic masterpiece, created by an anonymous Indian artist, using an ancient handmade art form, which symbolizes a slew of feel good emotions. 

Embellish your home or office with fabled imprints of love, valour, devotion, fertility, longevity, peace, auspiciousness, knowledge, spirituality, prosperity and harmony with nature.

Make your abode even more alluring by supporting an eco-friendly, sustainable art construct that promotes natural extracts from plants and other natural sources as colors and the use of fingers, twigs and match sticks to paint murals, giving the finished product a unique tinge of antiquity.

Did you know? 

You’ll be amazed to know the source of colors, nothing chemically induced or synthetic in this art - here’s a quick snapshot:

Yellow is prepared based on turmeric and banyan leaf milk; blue is extracted from indigo; red from sandalwood; green from the leaf of applewood tree; white from rice powder; orange from palash flower... and the list goes on. 

The Nirvana Project collection is a distinct collage of this artisan-led art form that is unquestionably unique and truly selective in its artistic expression. 

Venture into a world of colorful motifs and earthy colors that will aid your positive disposition. The anonymous artist wouldn’t want it any other way.