Artisan Certified. Fashion Forward. 

Ask any fashion-conscious, stylistically evolved, woman of substance about uber- chic clothing accessories and the response will be undoubtedly profound - every wrap, scarf, stole and bandana has a story to tell. 

We, at The Nirvana Project, aspire to tread the thin line that conforms equally to the octave - artistically inclined retro look to the schematiclly driven contemporary tone.

Colorful scarf

Our wraps, scarves and bandanas cover the expanse of sun-kissed floral prints, calming solid knits, and eclectic hand paints in myriad patterns and color combinations that will accentuate prized items in your precious wardrobe. 

Our lightweight scarves and bandana can be seamlessly integrated with a look that sits pretty with the fabric, colors and textures of your outfit. 

Our crystal-studded wraps and stoles can keep you warm while simultaneously adding an unmistakable element of versatility to your wardrobe choices. 

Our artisan hand painted wraps can be punctuated with your favorite ensemble to exude a sense of individuality and exclusivity. Each piece is hand painted and there is no mass production line. 

Our multi-functional pieces are on trend and support your style statement. 

Irrespective of where you stand at the crossroads, classic meets trendy or retro meets futuristic or fashion meets purpose - there is a path leading to our Unison collection.